Chocolate Town USA (aka Hershey, PA)

After Williamsburg, and a quick jaunt to Sevierville for Laura's wedding, Christina and I were off on our road trip adventures. Leg 1: Sevierville, TN- Hershey, PA- 8 hour drive We set off early, bidding Amy farewell, and off we were on our 8 hour drive.  Our drive consisted of reliving the fun of the … Continue reading Chocolate Town USA (aka Hershey, PA)


Busch Gardens

Between days at Colonial Williamsburg, we found ourselves exploring Busch Gardens.  Busch Gardens and Water Country USA.  Both are very fun amusement and water parks... even if my flip flops were stolen!  Sure, they were cheap Old Navy flip flops, but when you've worn in your flip flops so they fit just right, it's upsetting … Continue reading Busch Gardens