Final Day on PEI

This final day exploring the beautiful PEI was very bittersweet indeed.  Truly I couldn't have imagined a more perfect time spent in such a beautiful place.  I truly feel blessed to have visited this Island, and am dreaming of the next time I am able to come here. In addition to seeing Green Gables, going to … Continue reading Final Day on PEI


Avonlea Village

A trip to PEI wouldn't be complete without a stop at the quaint Avonlea Village.  This is an ode to the village that Anne lives in.  It's a fun, whimsical place to visit.  There are some shops, restaurants, the schoolhouse L.M. Montgomery taught in, and the historic Long River Church.  It is a fun place … Continue reading Avonlea Village

Matthew’s Carriage Ride & The Lake of Shining Waters

Any Anne of Green Gables fan must take Matthew's Carriage Ride around the Lake of Shining Waters.  We were absolutely frigid the whole ride, but it was beautiful, glorious, and every kind of wonderful.  Our "Matthew" was a great conversationalist, and made our ride very enjoyable.  They had several options for the carriage rides, so make … Continue reading Matthew’s Carriage Ride & The Lake of Shining Waters