Washington D.C. via Philadelphia, PA

Leg 8: New York, NY- Philadelphia, PA- 1 hour 50 minutes Philadelphia, PA- Washington D.C.- 2 hours 28 minutes We bid NYC adieu, and headed towards Washington D.C.  On our way to DC, we made a pit stop in Philly which is Christina's birthplace.  After a relatively short drive, the Philadelphia skyline was on the horizon. … Continue reading Washington D.C. via Philadelphia, PA


Chocolate Town USA (aka Hershey, PA)

After Williamsburg, and a quick jaunt to Sevierville for Laura's wedding, Christina and I were off on our road trip adventures. Leg 1: Sevierville, TN- Hershey, PA- 8 hour drive We set off early, bidding Amy farewell, and off we were on our 8 hour drive.  Our drive consisted of reliving the fun of the … Continue reading Chocolate Town USA (aka Hershey, PA)