Europe Favorites

To close out my section about my European adventures, I wanted to share and highlight some of my favorite stories/ moments.  Some you may have already read, but some will be new.  In no particular order, here they are! When we first arrived in London, the back door of our AirBnB apartment wouldn't lock.  We … Continue reading Europe Favorites


Goodbye for now, Europe.

Wow.  Four weeks in Europe literally flew by.  A month seems like a lengthy amount of time, but when you consider all the things we saw and did, well, that time was gone in an instant.  Now almost a year and a half later, as I reflect on this trip, I am still in awe … Continue reading Goodbye for now, Europe.

“Why does he not try Bath? It would do him the world of good!”

We found ourselves on a train ride out of London to explore the beautiful English countryside, and more particularly the beautiful city of Bath.  The train ride from Paddington Station to Bath Spa is about 1.5 hours-- a short, lovely jaunt outside the hustle bustle of London.   The main draw of Bath was going … Continue reading “Why does he not try Bath? It would do him the world of good!”