The Broadmoor

Have you ever stayed at a resort hotel that was more posh than you could have imagined?  Well, I’ve never stayed at a posh hotel, but I can imagine I have.  When I picture that posh hotel, I now picture The Broadmoor.  Located near Colorado Springs with stunning views of the mountains, a lake, gorgeous grounds, fun shops, restaurants and more.  I now dream of the day I can stay here.  Just look at this beauty!


We found ourselves visiting The Broadmoor on Sunday afternoon, and enjoyed relaxing on loungers by the lake while enjoying iced coffee and pastries from The Broadmoor’s small cafe.  It was glorious.  We also explored the shops, and the grounds of The Broadmoor, walking around and enjoying every inch of the property.


I can easily say the unanimous favorite spot was the library.  It was a miniature version of The Beast’s Library from Beauty and the Beast.  And the best part was, we had it all to ourselves!


Our second favorite part was The Ballroom.  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures inside, but you can imagine us dancing and prancing around The Ballroom to Disney Princess songs.  It was perfect.

The Broadmoor was such a spectacular place to visit, we all agreed that one day we will go back to Colorado and stay here.  So, Amy, be prepared… one day we’ll be back!



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