Summer 2017: Colorado Springs Wedding Fun

Summer 2017 found us jetting off to Colorado to celebrate Amy’s wedding to Andrew!  I was excited about the prospect of seeing a new state, meeting Andrew, and meeting Christina’s then foster daughter, now adopted daughter, Jasmine.  Yes, it’s officially official today (well, really last month, but she’s Facebook official today!).  That just means hooray for me, I can now post all the great pictures with Jasmine in them, which just so happen to be from this trip, NYC at Christmas and the adoption trip (don’t worry… I’ll share their story there later)!

But first up… Amy’s wedding.  Colorado is an absolutely beautiful place, and we had so much fun spending quality time together and celebrating Amy and Andrew.  Here are some pictures from the bachelorette party and the wedding.  I swear, we are like the wedding squad.  We get stuff done at weddings, and we have fun doing it.



Jasmine! Love this girl so much!


Look at this beautiful mama and daughter!


Reunited with my beautiful freshman year RA. 



The ladies!


Selfie with the happy couple!

Andrew and Amy’s wedding was so fun, and their reception was catered by Chick Fil A… can you say YUM?!

We had so much fun dancing the night away and celebrating the happy couple.  It was a great day.  Stay tuned for more posts about Colorado and the fun things we did there!


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