Half Moon Cay

Our Carnival Cruise also transported us to the absolutely gorgeous private island of Half Moon Cay.  We had to take tender boats from The Fantasy to get onto the island.  These probably took about 20 minutes to ride (be prepared during peak arrival/ departure from the ship you may have to wait a bit).


Finally made it on our tender boat and we were ready for a relaxing day in the sun.  Half Moon Cay was absolute perfection.  The white sandy beaches were gorgeous, the crystal blue water was warm and beautiful.  I could have spent an entire week on this island.  Christina and I found some lounge chairs, and settled in for a day of sunning ourselves, swimming, and other general relaxing.  Here was out view for the day.


We enjoyed some fruity beverages on the beach, and appreciated the free lunch buffet provided on the island.  We even caught sight of one of our dinner companions enjoying the beach as well (honestly, dinner companions can make or break your cruise… thankfully I’ve always had great dinner companions.  Fingers crossed we get lucky in Alaska as well)!

After being perfectly fried to a crisp and enjoying the most relaxing day of our lives, we sadly made our way back to the ship.


One of the best days ever?  Check!



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