Road Tripping Finale

Wow.  Our road trip was incredible.  Here are some stats from our trip:

  • 4 weeks
  • 4 Canadian Provinces
  • 15 States
  • 5,362 miles
  • 11 bags (yes, really)


It was a pretty amazing trip, and one that I still can’t believe we took!  We got to see and do so many amazing things.  I loved being able to not only explore Canada, but also to see so many great places in the United States I’d never been before.  We really only got a sampling of most places, but it has definitely made me want to return to many of the places we saw and explore the sites in more depth.

To anyone considering a road trip, I 100% recommend chasing that dream and going for it.  There’s something spectacular and wonderful about a car, the open road, and endless possibilities of destinations and adventures.  Not to mention hours of audiobooks and road trip car sing alongs.  Definitely an adventure worth having.

Here’s one final image from our road trip spectacular.  As we left DC, the rain ceased, and a beautiful rainbow spread out across the sky.  Definitely a great way to end this trip.



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