Washington D.C. via Philadelphia, PA

Leg 8: New York, NY- Philadelphia, PA- 1 hour 50 minutes

Philadelphia, PA- Washington D.C.- 2 hours 28 minutes

We bid NYC adieu, and headed towards Washington D.C.  On our way to DC, we made a pit stop in Philly which is Christina’s birthplace.  After a relatively short drive, the Philadelphia skyline was on the horizon.



With our brief stop, we wanted to find a place to get lunch, and see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

Christina did some research and we opted to have lunch at McGillins which is the oldest pub in Philadelphia.  We chose the Tex-Mex fries, which were delicious, and then had a more traditional Philadelphia Cheesesteak sandwich.  Sure, we probably could have found a more authentic Philly Cheesesteak somewhere else; but this was a great experience and the food was tasty.


After lunch, we headed to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.  We didn’t have time to go inside Independence Hall, but we were able to go in and see the Liberty Bell.  I definitely want to go back to Philly sometime and explore the city a bit more.


Before we left Philly, Christina wanted to make a pit stop at the hospital where she was born.  Well, that pit stop included a 30ish minute drive the opposite direction of DC and a $50 something toll.  But was it worth it?  YES.  Christina was beyond excited to see the hospital.


You may be asking though, “why did they have to pay a $50 toll?!”  Well, let me tell you.

Apparently, there are certain “on ramps” onto the freeway that are only for people who have an EZ pass.  But these are not always labeled.  Well, our GPS led us onto the freeway via the EZ pass only entrance (which was not marked).  We didn’t realize we were on a toll highway (or that we didn’t have our ticket) until we started seeing signs for “toll booths ahead” and we wondered what to do without a ticket.  Well, turns out if you don’t have a ticket, whether it’s your fault or not… you have to pay the highest toll amount.  Which in our case was about 50 bucks. Talk about frustrating.  Especially when you are not locals and don’t know any better.  Biggest waste of money ever.  The toll booth operator had no sympathy either.  Definitely one of the most frustrating things of our trip.

After the quick stop at the hospital, we were headed off to DC.  Once we got there, we checked into our hotel and ordered pizza for one final girls night in of our epic road trip.


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