Welcome to New York, It’s Been Waiting For You

Leg 7: Boston, MA- New York, NY- 4 hours 10 minutes

If you would have told me 3 years ago that I’d go to NYC three times within three years, I would have thought you were crazy.  Well, crazy or not, that happened.  You can read about my first ever trip to NYC (just a few hours) here in 2015.  This current stop you’re about to read about was July of 2016, and then I was just in NYC again in December of 2017.  Still no post about the December trip, but let me tell you… it was MAGICAL.

For now though, let’s take a peek at Summer 2016 in NYC.  Much like Boston, this was a very short trip… one evening and a full day in NYC.  I will say, for the amount of time we had, we saw a lot!

Our first night, we got into NYC pretty late, so we checked into our hotel, The Lexington which was a pretty small room, but a nice hotel.  It was not as centrally located as we would have liked, but it worked out.  Funny story about check in.  We’d driven from Boston, and, well, if you’ve never driven in the North East, you may not be familiar with this… but there are toll roads and toll bridges everywhere.  And about 95% of them only take cash.  We had some cash, but as we neared NYC, we were getting low on funds and were getting a bit nervous.  As we crossed over one last bridge into Manhattan, we were upset to learn that there was yet again, a toll and they only accepted cash.  We rifled through our wallets, searched through Christina’s emergency cash in her car, and literally used every last penny of our cash to get into NYC.  We were so relieved.  Little did we realize, upon our arrival at The Lexington, we had to many bags to carry ourselves, so we had to use a bellhop.  Imagine my embarrassment of having to tell the valet and the bellhop that we were out of cash from paying tolls, but we were going out to find an ATM immediately.  You could tell they were disappointed, and frustrated, probably assuming we wouldn’t actually pay them.  Robert and Ralph- I’m sorry for the delay in getting you your tips.  Don’t worry travel world, we were very generous for making them wait!  Still, one of my most embarrassing moments for sure.

After we checked in, we were off in search of an ATM, food, and the American Girl Place store, because yes, we are still children at heart.  And the last time I was in NYC, I didn’t make it to this toy store.  We found the store, finally found an ATM, and got some delicious NYC Pizza.  We called it an early night so we could plan out our day of exploration in the city, and rest up.  Get ready, because our day in NYC is an epic one.  We literally made our way all over Manhattan, in only one day.


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