A Jam Packed Day in Boston

With only one full day in Boston, we were determined to make the most of our day.  We researched and came up with a plan of action.  After deciding what were our “must do’s” in Boston, we concluded that booking the hop-on-hop-off Old Town Trolley Tours was our best mode of transportation.

Here was our plan of attack for the day:


We woke up early, drove into the city, parked the car and began our journey.  Many of those stops were just brief enough to see the monument or historic site, as we didn’t have enough time to go inside every single one.  Out of our list, the only thing we didn’t manage to do was the Harbor Cruise (which we weren’t too disappointed about).  Our timeline shifted a bit throughout the day, but we were able to make it to every location we had hoped, and were very pleased with the trolley ride.  Every single driver was different and unique, and shared interesting history and fun facts about Boston.  It is highly recommended!

Up first: The USS Constitution.  We weren’t able to go on the ship due to time restrictions, but we did get to see it from the outside!


We also got to see the Bunker Hill Monument:


We went into the Old State House which has been turned into a museum, and wow!  What a cool experience that was.  When you purchase your tickets, you are given an alternate ID of someone who was involved with the Revolution and you learn a bit about who they were and what their role was.  Reading and seeing the history of the revolution inside the Old State House was a really awesome experience!



After The Old State House, we made our way to Boston Proper and the nearby gardens and searched for the Make Way for Ducklings Statue.



Matching sunglasses courtesy of Laura as her bridesmaid gift!

We then hopped on the public subway and made our way back to Harvard Square since we didn’t make it to The Curious George Store the previous night before it closed.  I managed to pick up a couple awesome Curious George Harvard t-shirts which I wear frequently.


We also passed by Fenway Park and made a quick stop at Beacon Hill on our way to The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.


Once at The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum; we were again given alternate identifications and given a history of The Boston Tea Party as if we were sitting in a room with others of the revolution.  We were led through the museum by a guide, and he was very impressive and knowledgeable!


At The Old State House, I was Benjamin Edes… at The Boston Tea Party, Christina got Mr. Edes!


We even got to throw tea into Boston Harbor!



Probably the most epic picture of Christina, EVER!

After throwing tea into the Harbor, we made our way to some Paul Revere sites including his House, a statue of him, and the famous Old North Church.  If you’ve ever been to Boston, maybe you’ve had this revelation as well… but I was shocked how far away The Old North Church is from the Harbor.  And how blocked the view of the church is now.  Obviously during Paul Revere’s time, there weren’t all the modern buildings blocking views, but it was just one of those things that struck me during our trip.  Even visiting Bunker Hill and thinking how far away this was from The Harbor where soldiers would have been marching from.  One of the many reasons why seeing actual historical sites is awesome.  It makes what you read in History books come alive in the most marvelous ways!


We ended our day with some delicious Italian food in the North End and brought amazing cannoli’s from Mike’s Pastry back to our hotel room.  It had been a full, but fantastic day in Boston!


Boston, hopefully someday I will be back!


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