Whale Watching

Our final adventure in Bar Harbor was WHALE WATCHING.  If you know me, you will probably know that Orca Whales are my favorite animal, hands down.  Well, we didn’t go Orca Whale watching, but we did go Humpback Whale watching, and let me tell you… it was AMAZING!  We booked our adventure through Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. and were happy with our experience!  After much research, we opted for the Sunset Whale Watch cruise which cost $63 per person.  If you plan on going on a Whale Watching Cruise, make sure to dress warmly.  Even in July we were freezing!  The ship moves pretty quickly, and you’re outside the whole time… so it gets pretty cold and windy.  Case in point:


Our Naturalist on the ship was very informative and incredibly helpful with pointing out whales.  We chose the Sunset Whale Watch as we had read this was often when whales were feeding, and you typically would see lots of whales.  Well, let me tell you we saw so many whales!  A couple of them kept showing off for us!  Unfortunately, none of the whales breached for us, but we got multiple tail and flipper waves.


It was a better experience than I could have even dreamed!  Whales are amazing creatures… and when you think about how large they are, they are surprisingly graceful!  Fingers crossed that next time I go whale watching I’ll see a whale breach at least once.  That’s definitely on my bucket list.


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