The “Maine” Event… aka Bar Harbor Adventures

Leg 5: Prince Edward Island- Bar Harbor, Maine- 6 hours 40 minutes

Somewhere right before crossing the Canadian/ United States border, I managed to chip my tooth while eating a TimBit donut hole from Tim Hortons.  Yes, this is a true statement.  Now whenever I think of Maine, I always think of this experience.  I really don’t know if I can ever eat Tim Hortons again because of this.  Regardless, we crossed the border very uneventfully (unlike the nervous wreck I was crossing over into Toronto- which you can read about here).

Among other things, we were very excited to eat Maine lobster during our brief stay in Maine.  We googled places for an inexpensive lobster dinner and settled on Galyn’s Bar Harbor.  We stayed just down the road from the main hub of town, so we drove into town for dinner.  If you find yourself in Bar Harbor, there is lots of street parking, but you may have to park several blocks from your intended destination.

We parked and made our way to Galyns, ready for our iconic New England meal!


Before I share pictures of our lobster, I need to share a story, because it is quite comical.  Truly, I don’t know if any other meal will ever have me in tears because I am laughing so hard.  I still laugh telling this story a year and a half later.

We made our way to the restaurant, and were seated in the upstairs portion of the restaurant.  We knew what we wanted to order, but took a couple minutes to check out the menu.  Our waiter came, and we both ordered the lobster dinner.  Moments later, our waiter (who was a very charming young man), showed up with our bibs and proceeded to tie them around our necks.  Yes, somehow I had missed the memo that eating a whole lobster would require a bib.  When the bib came up, we started to become slightly panicked.  Christina and I both looked at each other questioning our choices and wondering if either knew how to eat a whole lobster.  The answer to that was a resounding no.  While we waited for our food, we quickly pulled up an eHow and YouTube tutorial on how to eat a whole lobster.  We felt somewhat prepared for the adventure we were embarking on… or so we thought.  That was until this showed up at our table:


I truly don’t believe anything could have prepared me for this.  We followed the directions we’d learned only moments before and dug in.  We opted to save our lobster tails for last, so we started with the claws.  Let me just say (and maybe I should have realized this) but when you get the claw meat from out of the claw shells… it is still shaped like a claw!!!  I almost couldn’t continue eating after that, but we did press on.  We had also read that when you twist the tail off, if you are lucky you get the special green stuff (which lucky us, we got…. and it looked like poop).  Apparently this is a delicacy.  I was so disgusted, I quickly covered it with my napkin in hopes that I would be able to enjoy my lobster tail.  The whole meal we were trying to maintain our composure, but kept laughing and grimacing trying to make it through our meal.  Had we been prepared for all this meal entailed, we would have been able to enjoy the food a bit more (it really was yummy) it was just quite the experience.  I don’t think I will ever order a whole lobster ever again… I will just stick with my lobster tails.

Here’s a sequence of events after our lobsters showed up at our table.  Good thing the restaurant wasn’t super fancy so we could have a little bit of fun.



After dinner, we explored Bar Harbor a bit.  It’s a really fun little town with lots of shops, and the view of the harbor is gorgeous.


We rounded out the evening by riding a giant rocking horse in one of the local shops, and catching a beautiful sunset on the way back to the hotel.  I only wish I could have captured a photo of the sunset, because it was simply beautiful, but I wasn’t able to get a good shot.  Definitely give this town an A+ for its charm.  Despite all the PokemonGo players wandering the streets.  We had been in Canada when this was released in the US and had no idea why everyone was walking around with their phones held out every witch way.  It was a pretty funny sight to see.

Check back next time for some of the stunning view from Acadia National Park!



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