Final Day on PEI

This final day exploring the beautiful PEI was very bittersweet indeed.  Truly I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect time spent in such a beautiful place.  I truly feel blessed to have visited this Island, and am dreaming of the next time I am able to come here.

In addition to seeing Green Gables, going to the Anne of Green Gables Museum and spending an afternoon in Avonlea Village, we also were fortunate enough to see and tour The Birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery.  Inside the house, you could see L.M. Montgomery’s childhood bedroom:


The room where she was born:


Her wedding dress:


It was a very awesome experience to imagine the childhood of our favorite author and seeing where she was born.


We also had the great joy of being able to see Anne and Gilbert the Musical while we were on PEI.  Was it cheesy?  Yes.  But was it also absolutely perfect?  Yes.  I had a smile plastered on my face the entire time.  Here’s a brief clip advertising the show:

We bought our tickets last minute, but ended up with front row seats (The Guild theater is very small, but still).  The songs are so catchy.  Really, I dare you not to have “Gilbert Loves Anne of Green Gables” stuck in your head.  We were just disappointed that we went on our last night in PEI, so we couldn’t see it again.  I’m a big fan of Broadway musicals, and would be ecstatic if this production, or something similar made its way to Broadway.


We rounded out our stay on PEI with a delightful Afternoon Tea at the hotel that inspired/ was the outside filming location for The White Sands Hotel.


Seeing as the scene when Anne recites a poem at The White Sands Hotel, and Gilbert gives her a standing ovation is one of my all time favorite literary scenes, having tea here was not even a question.  It was perfect.  We booked our Afternoon Tea at the Dalvay By The Sea and were incredibly pleased with their service and tea.  They do require a 12 hour advanced reservation, so be sure to plan ahead!


It was truly a great day and a fantastic way to wrap up one of the most magical vacation spots I’ve ever been too.  I cannot wait to some day go back to the shores of PEI.  For now, I will leave you with this excerpt from Anne of Green Gables when Anne performs at The White Sands Hotel.

Anne was the victim of an overwhelming attack of stage fright. Often as she had recited in public, she had never before faced such an audience as this, and the sight of it paralyzed her energies completely. Everything was so strange, so brilliant, so bewildering—the rows of ladies in evening dress, the critical faces, the whole atmosphere of wealth and culture about her. Very different this from the plain benches at the Debating Club, filled with the homely, sympathetic faces of friends and neighbors. These people, she thought, would be merciless critics. Perhaps, like the white-lace girl, they anticipated amusement from her “rustic” efforts. She felt hopelessly, helplessly ashamed and miserable. Her knees trembled, her heart fluttered, a horrible faintness came over her; not a word could she utter, and the next moment she would have fled from the platform despite the humiliation which, she felt, must ever after be her portion if she did so.

But suddenly, as her dilated, frightened eyes gazed out over the audience, she saw Gilbert Blythe away at the back of the room, bending forward with a smile on his face—a smile which seemed to Anne at once triumphant and taunting. In reality it was nothing of the kind. Gilbert was merely smiling with appreciation of the whole affair in general and of the effect produced by Anne’s slender white form and spiritual face against a background of palms in particular. Josie Pye, whom he had driven over, sat beside him, and her face certainly was both triumphant and taunting. But Anne did not see Josie, and would not have cared if she had. She drew a long breath and flung her head up proudly, courage and determination tingling over her like an electric shock. She WOULD NOT fail before Gilbert Blythe—he should never be able to laugh at her, never, never! Her fright and nervousness vanished; and she began her recitation, her clear, sweet voice reaching to the farthest corner of the room without a tremor or a break. Self-possession was fully restored to her, and in the reaction from that horrible moment of powerlessness she recited as she had never done before. When she finished there were bursts of honest applause. Anne, stepping back to her seat, blushing with shyness and delight, found her hand vigorously clasped and shaken by the stout lady in pink silk.

“My dear, you did splendidly,” she puffed. “I’ve been crying like a baby, actually I have. There, they’re encoring you—they’re bound to have you back!”

“Oh, I can’t go,” said Anne confusedly. “But yet—I must, or Matthew will be disappointed. He said they would encore me.”

“Then don’t disappoint Matthew,” said the pink lady, laughing.

Smiling, blushing, limpid eyed, Anne tripped back and gave a quaint, funny little selection that captivated her audience still further. The rest of the evening was quite a little triumph for her.



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