First Glimpse of P.E.I.

I wish I could accurately put into words the joy and excitement of reaching Prince Edward Island.  To access the Island, you have to cross the Confederation Bridge which links New Brunswick with PEI.  It is an 8 mile long bridge that bears a hefty $46.50 toll when you leave the island.  As we approached PEI, it was a dreary, drizzly, foggy July day.  Our visibility driving across the bridge was very poor, but we weren’t going to let it deter us.  As we crossed we cranked up the Anne of Green Gables movie soundtrack and began transporting ourselves into Island mode.


I still get chills remembering when the fog broke, and we were able to catch a glimpse of the red sandy shores and the Island that was so dear to us from one of our favorite childhood literary heroines.


After crossing what seemed like a never ending bridge, we drove through the peaceful countryside in search of our Bed and Breakfast.  During our stay on PEI, we listened to the Anne soundtrack on repeat.  It was truly the perfect driving music.  Everything about the Island seemed perfect, and we had only just arrived.  In the travels I’ve done, I have never experienced pure joy upon arriving at a destination like I did with Prince Edward Island. Rome and being greeted by the Colosseum after stepping off the Metro is pretty high up there, but PEI was instantaneous.  I was already in love with this beautiful island.

Next up: our AMAZING Bed and Breakfast!


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