Québec City, Québec

We arrived into Québec City pretty late, and attempted to find our lodgings for the next two nights.  Québec was where Christina and I realized that I am much more comfortable of a traveler staying in a hotel, and not some other type of accommodation.  I can’t remember how we came across our lodgings, but they were fine, but not amazing.  Christina and I also came to realize that I also feel more comfortable in lodgings if I have arrived at them during daylight hours.  Anyways, that’s beyond the point.  We arrived at our “hotel” which was more of a hostel… we had 1 bedroom with a tiny toilet, and a shower in the bedroom.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Our room was also sweltering hot when we arrived, so we cranked the AC immediately.  I mostly felt uncomfortable because we parked in a Church parking lot a couple blocks away, and there was no hotel staff to greet us upon our check in… just a sign on the door with our names, and a key in the lock of our bedroom.  I normally don’t check under the bed when checking into a hotel, but I definitely checked for monsters… or murderers under the bed here.  We went to bed, ready for a full day of exploring Québec City!

We woke up, got some bus tickets, and headed into the old, historic part of Québec City.  We honestly had no expectations of this city.  It just happened to be a midway point between Niagara Falls and P.E.I.  The biggest surprise to me was how European the city felt (and everyone spoke French).  If I had done better research, I would have realized this, but as I said, this was merely a pit stop on our way to Anne of Green Gables land!

We did have some amazingly delicious pastries, delightful poutine, and amazing Maple Iced Tea.  Québec City was a beautiful city, but it was pretty cold, blustery, and overcast while we were there.  Here are a few shots of this fun city!


I’m definitely glad we made a pit stop here, but it didn’t seem to be a great summer destination.  I’ve heard it’s amazing in Winter though– lots of fun activities in the snow!


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