Boris, Where you at?!

Leg 4: Québec City- Prince Edward Island- 9 hours and 5 minutes

As we were driving through Canada, we started noticing road signs for “Moose Crossing.”   Well, as soon as we saw these, we were very hopeful to spot a moose at some point during our drive.  We lovingly referred to our non existent moose as Boris.  There were multiple times when the phrase, “Boris, where you at?!” was uttered from one (or both) of our mouths.  Every time we saw a Moose Crossing sign, we eagerly scanned the roadside, sure that we would finally catch sight of a moose.  Unfortunately, we never succeeded in spotting Boris.  However, it did help pass those long drives across Canada.  That and listening to Anne of Green Gables on Audiobook.




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