En Route to Québec

After our deluxe breakfast, we checked out of our fancy hotel room, and headed out on the road again.

Leg 3: Niagara Falls, Ontario- Québec City, Québec- 8 hours 43 minutes

Warning: this is the beginning of the Anne of Green Gables saga.  I promise if you stick it out through the Anne posts, it will be worth it.  Prince Edward Island is truly beautiful.  There will be a brief interlude during our stop in Québec (which was completely void of Anne sites).

Anyways, while planning our trip and researching, we discovered that many of the scenes from the Anne of Green Gables films (the old ones with Meagan Followes and Jonathan Crombie) were filmed in Ontario outside of Toronto.  While there were many filming locations we could have seen, we had to narrow down our list.  We ended up visiting Anne and Gilbert’s Bridge (swoon), Green Gables, and Diana Barry’s house.  These were all relatively close to each other, but added about 2 hours onto our commute to Québec.  However, we passed the time on our drive listening to the Anne of Green Gables audio book.  Because really, what else would we do?!

Anne and Gilbert’s bridge is, in my opinion, one of the most iconic locations in the Anne series.  So many of my favorite scenes take place at this bridge, so being able to see it in person was incredible.  Unfortunately, the bridge located near Bruce’s Mill Conservatory at Century Mills in Gormley does not have access onto the bridge, so you won’t be able to recreate your favorite scenes on the bridge.  The bridge was rebuilt  years ago, and I’m guessing that it is once again not very sturdy for people to be walking onto.


After reveling in the excitement of being at Anne and Gilbert’s bridge, we were off to find Green Gables and Diana’s House.  These were both located on private property (as was the bridge…. but we got out of the car there) so we stayed in the car and did drive by’s.


Could you  imagine actually living in Green Gables?!  That would be one of the most delightful things I can think of.  Unfortunately the owners did not seem to appreciate the fact that they own Green Gables as you can see by the Private Property signs and No Trespassing.  If I could own that house, I would embrace the crazy of Anne fans (which let’s face it, isn’t that crazy) and turn it into some kind of destination/ tourist spot.  But, nobody asked me.

It was a little easier to get a good shot of Diana’s house.  However, we still stayed in the car since it was private property.IMG_7965

This website was where I found most of the information for filming locations.  We only visited the 3 sites, but I found the information on this website extremely helpful.  I only wish we had more time to visit all of the sites.  The website also shares locations on Prince Edward Island which we also used when we were on The Island.


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