Fireworks over the Falls

This year marked the second year in a row I was not in America on the 4th of July.  Not that I’m complaining… I’ll take Venice and Niagara Falls over a 4th of July celebration back in Tacoma any day.

We were really excited to be spending the 4th at Niagara Falls.  They have fireworks over the falls multiple times every week, but being there on the 4th we were guaranteed to have fireworks.  After our Hornblower cruise, we got some food and headed back to our Embassy Suites hotel to get situated in our room for the fireworks show.  Along our walk back to our hotel there was a fast food/ restaurant food court where we popped in for some food.  We decided to make this evening a girls night (not that the whole trip wasn’t one big girls night….).  We got some amazing gnocchi, bruschetta, caesar salad, Tim Horton’s coffee and donut bits.  We brought that back to our hotel and hit up the evening managers reception where we got even more treats– carrots and dip, dill pickles, trail mix, Sangria, and a delicious bottle of wine we’d brought from South Carolina with us.  We were set.  We created a little sitting area with cushions, pillows and blankets and settled in for the fireworks.  Here’s a peek at our setup.


The fireworks were simply stunning.  Pictures can’t really do it justice, but here are some pictures anyway.


It was truly a magical night.  We had made a pact when we booked our hotel that we would leave the curtains open all night so we could see the falls as we fell asleep.  I’m normally not the person who will keep curtains open all night, but we were so high up, and the view was so spectacular, I went along with it.  It was great waking up in the morning and being able to look out the window and see the beauty of the falls.  The sunrise was also quite beautiful (though I was to tired to actually watch it, but the time lapse my phone took is quite stunning).

Breakfast at Embassy Suites was also great.  They have everything imaginable for breakfast including an omelette bar!  We were able to sit at a table with a view for breakfast.  It was the perfect way to bid farewell to such a beautiful place.


Up next… off to Québec!



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