Home of the Walking Dead

We woke up early, grabbed some continental breakfast (which conveniently had these cute chocolate milks… because when in Hershey!), checked out of our hotel and were on our way!


Leg 2: Hershey, PA-Niagara Falls, ON- 5 hours, 32 minutes

The drive from Pennsylvania to Niagara Falls was quite scenic.



No sooner had we seen the sign in Pennsylvania for buggy crossing, than we saw a horse and buggy driving down the road.IMG_7703IMG_7709

Our first destination was Buffalo, New York.  Christina had heard they have amazing pizza, so we were determined to get there by lunch.  IMG_7719IMG_7721IMG_7726

Now, you may be wondering, what does Buffalo, Pizza, and Niagara Falls have to do with The Walking Dead.  Well, let me tell you.  Our travel day was July 4th, so we didn’t know how busy places would be.  We had researched and found a delicious sounding pizza place in Buffalo that had great reviews.  With the destination in our GPS, we arrived in Buffalo, found parking nearby (at the hefty sum of $10 for two hours- which turned into $10 for twenty minutes, but more on that in a bit), and headed for our delicious pizza.  As we were walking, we couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.  There were no people around anywhere, down every side street there was glass lining the gutters where car windows had been smashed out.  Buildings were boarded up, and almost nothing was open.  We walked past the mall, which was clearly vacant, but still had signs posted stating that there could be absolutely no High School students at the mall during school hours.  We finally got to the pizza place, only to find that the building was also vacant.  We were very confused as to where all the people were, and why the entire city was shut down.  I have never felt as on edge and alert, expecting zombies to pop out any minute.  It truly felt like we had walked straight onto the set of The Walking Dead.  We headed back to the car in an attempt to find an alternate pizza joint.

Back safely in the car, we headed out for attempt #2 of getting some yummy New York pizza.  We found a hole in the wall pizza place in a more populated part of town, and were very satisfied with our pizza.  Seriously, it was delicious.  I’m still not sure why the entire downtown was deserted, and closed down, but we ate our pizza quickly and headed out of town.  Definitely not sorry we weren’t staying longer.





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