Chocolate Town USA (aka Hershey, PA)

After Williamsburg, and a quick jaunt to Sevierville for Laura’s wedding, Christina and I were off on our road trip adventures.

Leg 1: Sevierville, TN- Hershey, PA- 8 hour drive

We set off early, bidding Amy farewell, and off we were on our 8 hour drive.  Our drive consisted of reliving the fun of the festivities the day before, and excitement about the adventures to come.

Here were some sites from our first day of driving.


Upon arrival in Hershey, we checked into our hotel, then headed out to see the Hershey Factory and grab some dinner.  We knew we only had a few hours that evening to see the sites, as the next morning, we would be up and off early for the next leg of our trip.

Let me start by saying the Hershey’s Chocolate World is overwhelmingly full of chocolate.  I know, that is stating the obvious, but it really is the case.  You can buy all sorts of Hershey’s paraphernalia, and hop on the Hershey Chocolate Factory Tour and see how they make their chocolate.  The tour was awesome.  It lasts about 30 minutes, and takes you through the whole process and was very informative.  If you are able to spend more time, there are many other activities at Hershey including making your own candy bar, visiting Hershey Park, and much more.  We only had one evening there, so we made the most of the free offerings they have.


Here are a few pictures from the factory tour:


They even hand out Hershey’s samples on the way out…


Christina is a big fan of KitKat bars, so she was obviously tempted by this giant KitKat.


We loved the cute, fun personal touches throughout town.  The Hershey Kisses lampposts were my favorite.


After exploring Hershey’s Chocolate World, we found a Panera and grabbed some dinner to go and ate in our hotel room before hitting the hay and preparing for our exciting drive to Canada and Niagara Falls in the morning!


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