Williamsburg, Virginia

First stop on our epic road trip was Williamsburg, Virginia.  One thing that I loved about this trip was being able to see, witness, and experience US History.  Going to Europe was full of such amazing, rich history, but being able to see historical sites and landmarks in your own country is awesome as well.

Colonial Williamsburg was part of the Historic Triangle along with Jamestown and Yorktown.  It was the capital of the Virginia Colony from 1699-1780.  Today, you are able to walk the streets of Colonial Williamsburg as you explore the buildings and interact with characters role playing the townsfolk who once lived in Williamsburg.  You are able to go into the buildings, and are often taken on a tour, learning all the history of each particular building, who lived in it, what is significant about it, etc.  Truly fascinating history.  There are also select areas where you can watch recreations of the storming of the Governor’s Palace, witness a forbidden slave marriage, and other spectacular dramatizations of other events.  Here are some pictures that only capture a small morsel of the unique experience waiting for you in Colonial Williamsburg.


We also caught a tiny glimpse of Jamestown… we didn’t have time to explore this trip.  Guess that means another trip to Virginia is in my future!


Tips for visiting Colonial Williamsburg:

  1. If you are a teacher, bring your Teacher ID card.  My friend and I were able to get 50% off ticket costs, which is a huge discount!
  2. Be prepared to stand outside in the heat– when touring inside buildings, you gather outside before your tour group can go in.  Some of the buildings have shade and places to sit, but many do not.
  3. Plan to spend multiple days exploring.  We spent 2 days, and could have spent more time.
  4. Right on the outskirts of Colonial Williamsburg is Downtown Williamsburg.  There is a delicious bakery (that deeply discounts pastries shortly before closing!) IMG_7525called Black Bird Bakery and it is amazing.  We got a sticky bun that was the size of my head for only $2.50.  See what I mean… it was HUGE.  Check out their website here: Black Bird Bakery
  5. We also had amazing Ice Cream in Downtown Williamsburg from Kilwins.  Their Coconut Chip Ice Cream is divine.  I can’t think of another word to describe it, it was delicious.
  6. Have fun!  I wish we had more time to check out Jamestown and Yorktown, so if you are able, give yourself a week so you can really explore all that the area has to offer!

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