Summer 2016: Road Tripping

Well, Summer 2015 was the incredible European Adventure which you can read about in my previous posts.  After that amazing adventure, a couple of us started thinking: what next?!  As I mentioned earlier, with Laura’s wedding in July, Christina and I decided to drive up to Canada after the wedding.  Well, a little trip up to Canada turned into a 4 week long escapade.

I’ll share the destinations we travelled to, and as time allows, I will go into more detail about each destination.  Here was our itinerary:

June 23rd-28th: Williamsburg, Virginia
June 28th-30th: Rock Hill, South Carolina
June 30th-July 3rd: Sevierville, Tennessee
July 3rd-July 4th: Hershey, Pennsylvania
July 4th-July 5th: Niagara Falls, Ontario
July 5th-July 7th: Quebec City, Quebec
July 7th-July 11th: Prince Edward Island
July 11th-July 13th: Bar Harbor, Maine
July 13th-July 15th: Boston, Massachusetts
July 15th-July 17th: New York City, New York
July 17th: Washington D.C.
July 17th-18th: Rock Hill, South Carolina
July 18th: Tacoma, Washington (Home sweet home)

In case you haven’t already realized, we like to plan very over the top trips– we don’t like to leave anything unseen or unvisited.  Overall I felt this was a very successful trip, and we honestly got to see most of the things we hoped to, and even added on a couple surprise things.

Keep tuning in to read more about the adventures we had and for lots of pictures of these beautiful destinations.  Seriously, I cannot wait to get to some posts on Prince Edward Island because it is truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  For now, I will leave you with this image from Summer 2016 to keep you going until I can post more.  This was at Acadia National Park In Bar Harbor.  There will definitely be more pictures to come from this beautiful destination.



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