Cozumel, Mexico

Our second Port of Call was Cozumel, Mexico.  Our plan of attack for Cozumel was buying Vanilla.  If you’ve never had legit Mexican Vanilla, you are really missing out.  It is the BEST.  My go to brand is Posa with the orange label.  Anyways, we didn’t have real plans for Cozumel except Vanilla and just poking around the town, right by the port.  Here are some pictures from our adventures that day.

Views from the ship while we waited to disembark.  It was so humid, my camera lens kept fogging up.

Cozumel Fun:


My friends made me take a picture with the sign for beer.  I’m not a huge beer drinker…


Looking for seashells and seaglass.  There was TONS.


On our way back to sea, we followed a Carnival ship and watched them head off into the sunset.  It was beautiful.



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