Europe Favorites

To close out my section about my European adventures, I wanted to share and highlight some of my favorite stories/ moments.  Some you may have already read, but some will be new.  In no particular order, here they are!

  • When we first arrived in London, the back door of our AirBnB apartment wouldn’t lock.  We were moments away from calling the host to have them come lock it when we finally got it.  Four girls running on minimal sleep, in a Foreign country in a less than savory neighborhood with a door that doesn’t lock… it was not a pretty picture.  Definitely a good memory to look back on now though.
  • In Vienna we ate dinner at a hole in the wall restaurant.  It was pricier than we might have hoped but we had delicious ham, and giant white asparagus in bernaise sauce.  We were eating outside, and there was a bee buzzing around our table the whole meal.  Laura finally was over it and started flailing her fork around to shoo it away… little did she realize she was flinging bernaise sauce all over the man sitting at the table next to us.  Whoops!
  • The best crepe we found in Paris was right next to Notre Dame.  Made fresh, and completely delicious!
  • Finding an Eiffel Tower statue in Paris is harder than one might imagine.  Our last evening in Paris was spent hoping off the Metro at every stop with touristy destinations and we COULD. NOT. FIND. A. EIFFEL. TOWER. FIGURINE.  We eventually did, but I can’t remember where.  We had been seeing them all day every day when we didn’t want to buy one, but when we were ready to buy one, we couldn’t find them anywhere.
  • Our day of flooding in Rome is one of my favorite stories to tell now.  It was traumatic at the time, but is such a great story to tell now.
  • Amy was washing clothes in the sink in Munich when the entire sink fell/ collapsed.
  • We cooled off at Schönbrunn palace by “running” through the sprinklers in the palace gardens.
  • Finding 100 Euros blowing through a Venetian Piazza
  • Every Italian restaurant we ate in

I could probably come up with many, many more, but these are some particular highlights that stand out to me!



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