Illuminations of Paris

Are you planning a trip to Paris?  RUN, do not walk and book a night bus tour of Paris.  Seriously, RUN.  Going on a night tour of Paris was beyond a doubt one of our best decisions.  The night tour provides a simple way for you to see all the big landmarks of Paris lit up at night, all from the ease of a tour bus.  Nine times out of ten I shake my head at tour buses, wanting to experience a city without looking like a typical tourist.  However, every tour bus I went on was well worth the cost and time it took.  Not only do you get to see major landmarks, but you are often told about their historical significance at the same time.

We booked our Illuminations of Paris tour with Foxity and we couldn’t have been more impressed with them.  They offer two tours per night, and I believe we were on the earlier tour.  The tour is about 1.5 hours long and you get to see 40+ monuments on your journey.  It cost about 20 Euros per person, and is well worth the price.  We rode on the top of the double decker and had great views of all the sights.  If you’re not convinced yet, maybe these pictures will give you that gentle nudge you need.


Really, everyone should see the Eiffle Tower sparkle as it lights up just once in their life.  This isn’t my video, but this shows just how spectacular it is!


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