On an Evening in Roma

Summer nights in Rome are pure magic.  Three of my most treasured memories of this adventure happened at night.  Venice, Rome and Paris in the evening were some of the most magical places and things I experienced.


We started our evening with a delicious meal in the non touristy part of Rome.  We realized this the moment we arrived and everyone at the restaurant were locals, and we were asked for our reservation.  Apparently we’d picked a popular restaurant among the locals.  I will say though, this restaurant did not disappoint.  It was called Emma’s, and I’m not just biased because of the name.  Their bruschetta and Cacio e Pepe pasta were amazing.  I also had the best cannoli in Italy on our way to the restaurant.  For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the bakery, but it was delicious.


After our dinner, we made our way back across the river, and saw there was a festival along the riverbank.  There were food vendors, shops, treats, games– we played foosball alongside the river!  The atmosphere was so much fun, and there was a great vibe along the river.  After walking through the festival, we headed back towards our BnB, but not before checking out Castel Sant’ Angelo and St. Peter’s Basilica lit up at night.  It was a fantastic evening!




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