Castel Sant’Angelo

You know when you stumble on that hidden gem and it ends up being one of your new favorite places?  That’s what happened when we found Castel Sant’ Angelo.  Christina and I were looking for somewhere to go on a free afternoon, and Christina researched Castel Sant’ Angelo.  It is located near The Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica and is easily seen in a couple hours.  The views from the top are absolutely stunning.  You can see for miles across Rome.  We spotted The Colosseum from the top.  Before leaving for Rome, we had no idea this place existed, but it quickly became one of our favorite stops of the entire trip. The Castel Sant’ Angelo is the Mausoleum of Hadrian and was the former Papal Fortress that had direct access to St. Peter’s should the Pope need to seek refuge.



Who knew we’d find Voldemort in Rome?!


Once we made it to the top, we truly were amazed at the spectacular views!



It was SO bright, we could hardly stand it.




If these pictures don’t make you want to go to Castel Sant’ Angelo, let me just say one more time… You will absolutely not regret going.  It cost about 12 Euros for admission, and was worth every cent.


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