Roma… the Eternal City!

If you’ve been following along, then you will have just finished reading about our less than wonderful start to our week in Rome.  Well, once we hopped in our Cab and zipped through the streets of Rome and arrived at our new lodgings, things started looking up!

We booked our next 5 nights at Arches Inn and were absolutely blown away by their kindness and hospitality.  They own the Arches Inn property and the Arches B & B property.  Our Cabbie dropped us off at the B & B, but Chiara met us inside, helped us walk the 10 minutes to Arches Inn (she even helped carry our bags!) and she got us situated into our room.  Paolo greeted us when we arrived and pointed out several nearby places that were must visits while in Rome.  We were about a 5-10 minute walk from the Vatican, and right around the corner from the Cipro Metro Station.  There was a Carrefour grocery store on the way to the Metro Station.  We were in the perfect location.  We felt like we were upgraded the The Ritz, especially compared to where we were the night before.

Arches is set up with several bedrooms (with personal bathrooms) off the main living/ dining/ kitchen area.  You get a shelf in the refrigerator and a cabinet full of breakfast goodies.  Your breakfast goodies are restocked every day.  We were well supplied with yogurt, milk, fruit, packaged baked goods, and lots of coffee.  It was great!  There are also basic pots, pans, etc that you could cook your own food as well.  One family that was also staying at Arches were frequently in the kitchen cooking their meals (a great money saver for sure, but in Italy, we wanted to eat all the pasta and pizza that we could!).

Our only minor complaint about Arches was there was sometimes standing water in the shower, and the hot water didn’t last as long as we would’ve liked.  However, those issues did not bother us, and I would stay at Arches whenever I find myself back in Rome.  I recommend it to anyone I know going to Rome- my brother and sister in law even stayed there on their recent trip to Rome.


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