Romantic Venice

None of us went to Europe with a significant other, but as we embarked on our sunset gondola ride, we could only imagine how romantic a trip to Venice could be.  When I picture Venice, two things immediately come to mind:

  1. The movie The Italian Job  (you know, the one with the Mini Coopers)
  2. Gondola Rides

Well, since we couldn’t go back in time to be extras in The Italian Job we opted for the second: Gondola Ride.  We actually tried to go on a gondola ride our first night in Venice, but due to their obvious popularity, we had no luck our first night.  We reserved a sunset gondola ride early the morning we were hoping to go for our ride.  There was more availability for afternoon rides, but with the heat and humidity, we opted to go when it was slightly cooler.

Our ride was about 1 hour long, and it was glorious.  Our Gondolier shared some great history of Venice as well as music and movie trivia.  He was very knowledgeable and a super friendly guy.

Sunset is a beautiful time in Venice, gondola rides are amazing as well.  Wanna know what was the most amazing part of our gondola ride though?

It was FREE. Yes, you read that right… free!  Amy found 100 Euros blowing down the street of a mostly empty piazza.  We searched for anyone who may have lost the money, but there was no one frantically searching.  So, lucky us, we were able to keep those 100 Euros and were able to get our gondola ride FREE. It was the best.

img_5079Amy with our prized 100 Euros.dscn0843






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