Roma… the disappointing city, Part 2.

After our first eventful evening in Rome, it couldn’t possibly get worse, right?  WRONG.

We had gone to bed, and I truly wondered, why I’d ever wanted to come to Rome.  It had not lived up to my hopes and dreams.  I hated Rome.  I stepped out onto our balcony that first night and couldn’t believe how disappointed I was.

Well, we woke up early the next morning, ready to face our day and start exploring the city.  Good news: the electricity was working, we were figuring out our plan of attack, ready to conquer the day.

While Laura was showering, Christina and I were brainstorming our day and trying to figure out where geographically we were in Rome, and figuring out how to purchase public transportation tickets/ passes.  None of which could be purchased when hopping on a bus or other form of transportation.  Laura joined us as we continued to brainstorm.  One of us got up to use the bathroom when pardon me, but all hell broke loose.  There was water flowing into the bedroom, gushing out of the toilet and bidet, all through the living room.  It was a NIGHTMARE.  Christina and Laura ran downstairs to find Mr. Copertino as I was throwing towels on the floor, stripping sheets off the beds as water continued to flow from the bathroom.  Mr. Copertino arrived with Laura and Christina, saw the water, threw up his arms, yelled “moment” and he was gone.  He came back moments later with a bucket and several washcloths (with the amount of water, washcloths weren’t going to help us much), and he started soaking up water, wringing the towels into the bucket, and continuing on.  He eventually got another lady who lived in the building to help him.  We were trying to help soak up the water, but with the toilet still flowing, the end did not seem in sight.  While we were cleaning, there was also some strategic placement of suitcases and other luggage (on the bed, on the couch) to prevent our things from becoming saturated with water.

As Mr. Copertino was hard at work, the power was still flickering off and on.  Christina was attempting to locate another place for us to stay, we knew there was no way we could stay here another day… it was ruining our stay in Rome.  However, because of the power, her computers wireless internet was coming in and out.  Mr. Copertino let Christina and Laura go to his apartment to use his internet which had a much strong signal.  After we had decided to find a new place to stay, we knew we needed ton contact Air BnB to see how to cancel our stay/ get a refund.  We first attempted to call the owner of our apartment who lived in Brazil.  Mr. Copertino only helped out as the owners lived far away.  We were unable to get ahold of her, leaving a voicemail and messaging her through Air BnB.  We then opted to message/ chat with Air BnB directly.  We were chatting online with a representative, when both the WiFi and my 4G fritzed out.  We then opted to call Air BnB (with my phone at less than 20% battery life and international data and roaming charges). I was then informed I would have a 60 minute wait.  Thankfully, the wait was less than 10 minutes.  However, once speaking to a representative, they could not help us to the extent that we  had hoped.  Their servers were down, and they had no way to access my reservation/ see if they could refund us.  Based on the information I gave the young man, he said we would “probably get a refund” but he couldn’t promise anything.  We took that as the go ahead, and Christina booked us at a different BnB.

After hanging up, Mr. Copertino had finally gotten the flooding under control and Christina had booked us new accommodations, and we were ready to leave once and for all.  However, Mr. Copertino apparently had other plans.  He proceeded to show us where all the new dry sheets and towels were, and profusely apologized in broken English for what had happened.  At this point, our apartment owner from Brazil called, and we spoke briefly, and I indicated that we were leaving as soon as possible.  She of course tried all she could to get us to stay, but we were not going to be swayed.  We informed Mr. Copertino that we were leaving, and asked him to kindly call us a Cab.  After several hours of flood control, our cab was called, and we were on our way to new accommodations in Rome.  We said goodbye once more to Mr. Copertino, and couldn’t wait for our new lodgings.

You will have to wait for my next post to read about happy times in Rome, but for now, here are some pictures of our adventures in flooding.



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