Europe by Train

Trains were one of our best friends in getting from Point A to Point B.  During our 4 week adventure, we took 9 different train trips.  Some (London-Bath, Munich- Neuschwanstein, Paris- Versailles) were shorter 2 hour rides.  Some, however, were much longer.  Within Europe, travel by train is an easy way to travel to new cities.  Once you figure out how the train system works, you can inexpensively get from city to city.

Here are some costs to travel Europe by train:

London-Bath (roundtrip): $50

Munich-Vienna (one way): $38.25

Vienna-Venice (one way): $99.75

Venice-Rome (one way): $17.32

Even if you are flying from city to city, you can get airfare for around $100 per person.  We liked the idea of train travel because we were able to see more of the country, and truly experience Europe.  Were we glad we took trains?  Mostly.  However, Italian trains in the summer are excruciatingly hot.  Our trip to Venice and then to Rome were miserable.  Apparently the Italian train we were on did not believe in air conditioning, and Italy in the summer is HOT.  You will have to decide for yourself if the savings of the train vs. a plane are worth it to you… 7+ hours on a hot train can be quite grueling.

This is what train rides look like– knitting, reading, journaling, listening to music, and LOTS of snacks.


However, you also get stunning views out the window as you zip through the countryside:


If you have the time, I would recommend train travel through Europe.  It is a unique way to experience Europe, and can be significantly cheaper than travel  by plane.


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