A Chalet in Venice

Our 7.5 hour train ride from Vienna ended in Venice, Italy.  Visiting Italy has been on my travel bucket list for longer than I can remember, and we were finally here.  We did not stay canalside, but were only a 15 minute bus ride from the Grand Canal.  The bus ride cost 1.50 Euro each way, and was a simple, painless method of getting into Venice.

We stayed in a Chalet on a campground called Camping Rialto.  There were many other young visitors to Venice staying here.  We were in a Chalet with a double bed and a bunk bed.  We also had a small kitchenette (but who wants to cook their own food when there is delicious pizza and pasta at every turn!) and a tiny bathroom.  We were most pleased that we had excellent air conditioning which was needed in the heat of Venice.  At Camping Rialto, you can also book smaller Chalets, camp sites, glamping… they’ve got a variety of options for every travel style!  I would highly recommend Camping Rialto.  We were close enough to the city that we could get there with ease, but we didn’t have to drag our luggage all over the cobbled streets of Venice in search of our hotel (which could have been quite the adventure– finding streets in Venice can require lots of twists and turns on narrow, cobbled roads).



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