Vienna, Austria

We woke up bright and early to catch our train from Munich to Vienna.  German trains were some of the nicest we encountered on our travels (Italian trains are terrible… but more on that later).  We accidentally ended up in the sleeper car, but it was incredibly comfortable and spacious, we didn’t mind having to be quiet.

Upon arrival in Vienna, we had to figure out and learn a new cities public transportation, but once we figured it out and found our AirBnB lodging, we were good to go.  Our flat was about a 10 minute walk from the tram, and in an average neighborhood.  The flat itself was cute, quirky, and very spacious!  There was space that 10+ people could have stayed there.  See how quirky it was!  Our host Mave had the best decorations.

After settling in, we decided to explore the city.  As we ventured around town, we made our way to the Karlsplatz, saw the Opera building (which was spectacular!), and stumbled upon Belvedere Palace.  We roamed the gardens and grounds of Belvedere, and admired the beautiful architecture.


We were able to take the Ring Tram Tour of Vienna which allowed us to see and hear the rich history of this beautiful city.  I would recommend this for people who are in the city for only a short time, but want to see important landmarks, etc.


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