Schönbrunn Palace

We began our day by exploring yet another palace: Schönbrunn Palace.  We were able to explore inside the palace, and learn the history of the past inhabitants.  Note: in early July it is incredibly hot in Vienna, and there is no air conditioning inside the palace.  There were large crowds which made exploring the palace rather uncomfortable at times.  Our cost of admission also included access to the gardens and the Gloriette with spectacular views of the city of Vienna.


The walk up to the Gloriette is paved, but with the heat, it seemed to last forever.  Once we returned back to the gardens after the Gloriette, we were pleased to see that there were some sprinklers going off in the gardens.  As we “ran” through the sprinklers, the gardeners were definitely laughing at us, amused.


We also ran through the gardens singing songs from Sound of Music… when in Austria, you must channel your inner Julie Andrews aka Maria VonTrapp.


Our day at Schönbrunn was filled with fun, heat, history, and beauty.  If you are planning a trip to Vienna, I highly recommend a trip to Schönbrunn.  The grounds are simply stunning, and one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.


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