What’s a trip to Germany without a trip to a beer hall?!

When people think about Germany, often their minds go to good beer, sausages, wiener schnitzel, spatzel, sauerkraut, etc.  Well, what better place to get all those things than the Hofbräuhaus München.  This is a 3 floor beer hall that dates back to the 16th century, and can hold what seemed like 1000s of people.

Things we learned about German beer halls:

  1. There are no seating hosts, so you just wander around until you find an open table.
  2. All outside areas are smoking, so if that’s a problem for you… try and find a table inside.
  3. On a Saturday night, there will be loads of people around.
  4. Because of the many people, you have to be aggressive.  Seriously, if you see an open table, pounce while you can and stake your claim.
  5. Crowds are lively, and if you sit in the main dining room with the rousing band, be prepared for lots of noise.

Here’s Rick Steves take on this famous beer hall:




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