One year ago!

Obviously I’m still working on sharing pictures on this blog from last summers trip, but my Facebook reminded me today that 1 year ago, I was boarding a plane in Seattle and heading off for the beginning of an unforgettable 4 weeks.  One year!  I can’t believe how quickly that year has gone by.

Seeing as today is my one year anniversary, this seems like the perfect time to announce my next trip.  I just finished my first year teaching Kindergarten yesterday, and I will be jetting off next week first to Charlotte and then a multitude of other destinations beyond.  My dear friend is getting married in Knoxville, which was the initial purpose of this trip, and everything else just kind of, well, happened.

This upcoming trip is a road trip that spans from Williamsburg to Prince Edward Island, to Washington DC.  There will be LOTS of driving, hours of audiobooks, good conversations, 9 new cities to explore, crazy sing alongs in the car, and many more exciting (and potentially crazy) experiences.  I’m very excited for this new adventure and have been looking forward to seeing these destinations and spending time with dear friends.

Welcome, summer.  I am so glad you are here!


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