Wherin we find a carousel inside Kensington Gardens

Our days in London were pretty packed, so it was nice to take a few deep breaths and just wander, exploring the city and all it has to offer.  We started our day exploring some book stores on Charring Cross Road.  There is a children’s book store there that is absolutely to die for.  There is also a fun candy store just up the street.

After a bit of shopping, we made our way towards Kensington Gardens.  Almost immediately upon walking into the gardens, we were greeted with a carousel.  Obviously, we had to go for a ride.


After our carousel ride, we continued exploring the beauty of the gardens.  Seriously, they are vast and absolutely gorgeous.  We kept walking and walking, and there was always something beautiful to see.


Our main goal in going to Kensington Gardens was to find the Peter Pan Statue based on J.M. Barrie’s character.  Of course, getting a picture of the statue/ with the statue proved difficult.  First off, it was incredibly hard to find.  We definitely entered Kensington Gardens at the complete opposite side of where the statue was.  When we finally found it, there were children playing on and climbing on top of it.  Thankfully, all the moms were very gracious and made their children get off so I could get a quick picture.


We concluded our day seeing Les Miserables.  This was my 5th time seeing Les Miserables live (3 times in Seattle, 2 in London) and I can honestly say, it gets better every time.  The music is so beautiful, and the songs are phenomenal.  Definitely my favorite musical.  If you are in London and looking for a musical, definitely check out Les Mis.  We were in the 2nd to last row of the entire theater, and it was still incredible.  Nothing quite beats live theater.


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