Stop Number Two: Munich, Germany.

After our lengthy stay in London, we packed our bags, said goodbye to Edgeware Road, and hopped on the tube to Heathrow.  Once at Heathrow we boarded a Lufthansa flight and headed to Germany!


After our approximately 2 hour flight, we landed in Munich, went through customs, got our luggage and were on our way.

Note to self: if you don’t know German, purchasing UBahn and SBahn tickets can be a bit tricky.  Thankfully, Amy and Christina both speak some German, so they were able to figure out the system.

Our lodgings were the Apart Adagio Hotel Olympia Park: Apart Adagio Hotel

We were very pleased with this hotel.  It was around the corner (about a 8 minute walk) from the Oberwiesenfeld U-Bahn station.  This hotel is located in a more industrial part of town, and there was quite a bit of construction going on nearby, but nothing that kept us up at night or woke us early in the morning.  We had a full kitchen and comfy beds.  Our only qualm was that while washing dishes, the sink in our kitchen fell apart.  The basin of the sink fell (it seemed like it was glued and the weight of the water was too much for it).  Anyways, we tried to get a different room, get it fixed, or get some compensation.  They had no new rooms to give us our first night, and they were unable to fix it during our 4 night stay.  We could have received a different room our 2nd night there, but at that point, we didn’t want to pack up our things to get a new room.

Over all, we were very pleased with the hotel, location to the train, and felt very safe in this neighborhood.


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