London Lasts

As you can guess from the post, this was our last day in London.  We had a lot to see in our last day, and we started by venturing to King’s Cross Station to satisfy our Harry Potter nerd selves, and get our pictures taken at Platform 9 3/4.  We had to wait in a queue (line) for about 30 minutes, but when we were able to take pictures, the people working there were very friendly.  There was a professional photographer posing people, taking pictures, and they even had props (scarves, wands, Hedwig the Owl).  They let us take as many pictures and poses as we would like.  We didn’t feel rushed at all.  If you like the photos the professional takes, you can purchase them at the Harry Potter Store right next door.


After returning from Hogwarts, we made our way to the British Library.  The book room there is awesome.  They have old Bibles, first published copies of Jane Austen and other literature.  They even have lyrics of Beatles songs written on napkins.  After the library, we hopped on the tube and made our way to St. Paul’s Cathedral.  We made it there 40 minutes prior to closing and ran up the 528 steps to the top of the Cathedral for stunning views of London.  We were breathless once we reached the top, but the views were completely worth it.  After racing to the top, we were able to enjoy Evensong in the Cathedral.  Evensong is free, and completely worth doing on your trip to London.  It’s great to just sit for a bit, and the singing is beautiful.  You will not regret the decision to attend Evensong.



Our final moments were spent searching for Abbey Road (being the Beatles lover that I am) and finding 221B Baker Street for my friends who are big Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts.  Unfortunately for us, we found ourselves at Abbey Road during “rush hour” and the road was incredibly busy.  The crosswalk is not at a light, so you have to try and snap a picture while holding up traffic, and also crossing the road with many other people.  It is a rather difficult feat.  We managed a semi decent picture crossing the road, and then opted to take a picture of us with the road in the background instead.  Sometimes you have to make these compromises.


London is an absolutely amazing city to explore.  There is so much rich history, literary goodness, and all around wonderful things to see and do.  I cannot recommend going to London enough.  London is one of my favorite places in the entire world.


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