National Gallery and The British Museum


Want to know one of my favorite things about London?  Free museums.  Yes, they suggest you give a donation, but you aren’t out an arm and a leg to see these fantastic museums and all the history they contain inside!

National Gallery:

The National Gallery is a fantastic art museum located by Trafalgar Square.  Inside you will be able to see 2,000+ pieces of art including some of my favorites!

National Gallery Website


British Museum:

The British Museum is one of my favorite places in London.  I am typically not a huge museum person, but I could spend days in the British Museum and not get bored.  There is so much history, fascinating things to learn, and incredible things to see from all over the world.  One of my favorite things is the Rosetta Stone!  The British Museum is well worth a visit when you find yourself in London.  While the British Museum is free, they often have special exhibits that you can check out for an extra fee.

British Museum Website

Don’t miss out on visiting either of these places when in London!  They are well worth the visit!



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