Day 1 and 2:

On this grand European adventure, Day 1 consisted of flying from Seattle to New York to meet up with Laura (who was flying from Knoxville).  Being the big kids that we are, we decided that we’d fly into New York one day before our International flight and do a “Toy Store Tour” of NYC.

Well, even the best laid plans don’t always work out perfectly.  Due to unforseen weather conditions, Laura’s flights were delayed, and I got to spend many hours in the fabulous (please note the sarcasm) LaGuardia airport while I waited for her arrival.  All the while, I was calculating the closing times of all our destinations, determining how/ what we could still see in NYC (maybe one place… if we were lucky).  Laura finally arrived (in a different terminal than me), but that’s a story for another day.  Both exhausted from our eventful days of travel, we opted to wake up early Friday morning and explore the city briefly before our flight departed for London!

Day 2:

As you can imagine, combine the excitement of our European trip with catching up on a years worth of life stories, Thursday night we did not succeed in getting much sleep.  We awoke early Friday morning, determined to conquer the city in a few short hours.

Tourist Tip: If you plan on taking the bus, you need exact change, and people/ businesses aren’t very willing to give you change.  Yes, we should have known this about the bus, but it slipped our mind.

Anyways, we hopped on the bus to the subway station, then were were headed for Times Square!


Our first stop was the Toys R Us in Times Square.  It was absolutely incredible.  I wish I could tell you that you must put this on your “to do” list when in NYC, but unfortunately, they permanently closed their doors in December 2015.




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While in Times Square we also found ourselves in the Disney Store… not quite as impressive as Toys R Us, but still fun to see.


We also took in the scene of Times Square itself.  The only bummer was we didn’t get to see the neon lights in all their glory at 10 A.M., but that just means hopefully another trip to NYC is in my future!

We also made our way to FAO Schwarz (also now closed) and the Plaza Hotel to find Eloise.  We were taking the fast paced tour of NYC, and channeling our inner 5 year old selves as we saw almost every toy related thing we could see.  Obviously there is so much more to NYC than what we saw, and I still have many things I would like to see there, but I knew that Toys R Us and FAO Schwarz were slated to close, and it was a childhood dream to see these places.  It was a whirlwind several hours in NYC, but was it worth it?  YOU BET!

We made our way back to our hotel by LaGuardia airport to pick up our luggage, then made our way to JFK Airport to meet up with Amy and prepare for our flight to London, England via Shannon, Ireland!


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