Four Weeks in Europe

As I mentioned before, my friends and I spent 4 weeks in Europe this Summer.  Now, before we get into all of the tips and tricks we learned, I wanted to introduce you to the travelers and share our itinerary with you!

Who are we?

My friends and I met as freshmen in college.  We were all education majors (three elementary and 1 middle grades).  We shared the exciting adventure of college, student teaching, and our first official teaching positions together.  We’ve been friends for 7 years, and you know what they say… “if you stay friends for 7 years, you’ve got a friend for life.”  These ladies are truly gems, and I’m glad to be friends and to share the adventures we had.

Here are the lovely ladies I went on this adventure with:







And myself:


And in case you’re wondering, those shots were taken at the fabulous Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen, Germany (outside of Munich).  Absolutely stunning views there, but more on that another day.

Where we went?

Our trip centered around mutual places of interest that we wanted to see and explore.  We spent time in London, England (with a day trip to Bath, England); Munich, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Venice, Italy; Rome, Italy; and Paris, France.  For only four weeks, we had a lot to see and accomplish, but with careful planning, we knew we could do it.

Our Itinerary:

Thursday, June 18th: Travel to NYC

  • -Toy Store Tour of NYC

Friday, June 19th: Travel to London

  • Emma, Laura, Amy fly to LHR

Saturday, June 20th: Arrive in London

  • -Meet up with Christina at LHR
  • -Kensington Gardens
  • -Hyde Park
  • -Harrods
  • -Buckingham
  • -Piccadilly Circus

Sunday, June 21st: London

  • -Abbey Road
  • -British Library
  • -Platform 9 3/4

Monday, June 22nd: London

  • -Westminster Abbey
  • -Tower of London
  • -Tower Bridge

Tuesday, June 23rd: Bath/ London

  • -Jane Austen Centre
  • -Afternoon Tea

Wednesday, June 24th: London

  • -Trafalgar Square
  • -Globe Theatre
  • -7:30 PM Les Miserables – Christina, Amy, Emma
  • -Phantom of the Opera – Laura
  • Laura spending the day with her relative

Thursday, June 25th: London

  • -St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • -British Museum
  • -National Gallery

Friday, June 26th: Travel to Munich

  • Fly to LHR-MUC
  • -Explore Munich

Saturday, June 27th: Munich

  • -Dachau (open 9-5)
  • -Nymphenburg Palace
  • -Churches
  • -Bier Garten

Sunday, June 28th: Munich

  • -Neuschwanstein Castle (open 8-5:30)

Monday, June 29th: Munich

  • -Bavarian Salt Mines?
  • -Bavarian Film Studios?

Tuesday, June 30th: Travel to Vienna

  • -Train from Munich to Vienna
  • -Explore Vienna

Wednesday, July 1st: Vienna

  • -Vienna Library
  • -St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Thursday, July 2nd: Vienna

  • -Prater Amusement Park
  • -Explore Vienna

Friday, July 3rd: Vienna

  • -Schonnbrun Palace
  • -Belvedere Palace

Saturday, July 4th: Travel to Venice

  • Train from Wien Meidling- Venezia Mestre

Sunday, July 5th: Venice

  • -Bridges of Venice
  • -Gondola Ride

Monday, July 6th: Venice

  • -St. Mark’s Basilica

Tuesday, July 7th: Travel to Rome

  • Train Venice Mestre- Roma Termini
  • *Amy flies Venice- London

Wednesday, July 8th: Rome

  • -Colosseum
  • -Pantheon
  • -Roman Forum

Thursday, July 9th: Rome

  • -Trevi Fountain
  • -Spanish Steps
  • Homeless Cat Sanctuary

Friday, July 10th: Rome

  • -Vatican City
  • -Sistine Chapel
  • -St. Peter’s Basilica

Saturday, July 11th: Rome

  • -BEACH

Sunday, July 12th: Rome

  • -Tivoli?

Monday, July 13th: Travel to Paris

  • Fly FCO (Rome)- CDG (Paris)
  • *Meet up with Julia

Tuesday, July 14th: Paris


Wednesday, July 15th: Paris

  • -Louvre (open 9-9:45pm)
  • -Notre Dame (open 8-6:45)
  • -Eiffel Tower

Thursday, July 16th: Paris

  • -Versailles

Friday, July 17th: Travel to NYC

  • *Christina & Julia continue trip through Europe
  • Emma & Laura fly CDG- DUB-JFK

We had several people say that our itinerary was jam packed, and they’d be surprised if we saw everything.  Well, I am pleased to say that we only missed a few things from the itinerary and added several things on.  Of course, as our trip went along, the order of our itinerary changed, but in four weeks, we only missed the Globe Theater (but we saw it across the river), Bavarian Salt Mines, Bavarian Film Studio, Homeless Cat Sanctuary, Roman beach, and Tivoli.  But hey, guess what?!  We can do those on another trip to Europe.  We were able to add things such as a night tour of Paris (if you are going to Paris, this is a must.)  We also added in some exploring and wandering of the Roman streets, as well as Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome.  Which was awesome.  We also stumbled upon a River Festival one night in Rome.  We got to play foosball by the river.  Not a touristy thing to do, but was it worth it?  Yes!  Sometimes the best memories come unplanned.


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