“In the Room Where it Happens”… HAMILTON (finally)!

Seeing as we are on a break between trips... I wanted to take a moment to share about the amazingness which is the musical, Hamilton.  I had the privilege of seeing this show at The Paramount Theater in Seattle, and I just have to say it was absolutely phenomenal.   I was worried that it … Continue reading “In the Room Where it Happens”… HAMILTON (finally)!


Road Tripping Finale

Wow.  Our road trip was incredible.  Here are some stats from our trip: 4 weeks 4 Canadian Provinces 15 States 5,362 miles 11 bags (yes, really) It was a pretty amazing trip, and one that I still can't believe we took!  We got to see and do so many amazing things.  I loved being able … Continue reading Road Tripping Finale


Hello Friends! I'm now in full swing with planning this Summer's upcoming adventure, and I can hardly believe that I am going to cruise in Alaska!  An Alaskan cruise is something I've contemplated the last couple years, but it hadn't worked out until now! Just yesterday we officially booked our cruise, and the plan is … Continue reading ALASKA!